Monday to Saturday - 7.15am onwards
Sunday - 8.15am onwards

Every Fridays Dhyanam - 10.30am onwards
Every Saturdays Evening Prayer- 6.00pm onwards

The peculiar feature about the Church is that it conducts Holy Communion services (Qurbana) on all the 7 days of the week, except Nineveh lent & great lent.


Christian settlers arrived at Kottayam during the 15th century. Their first choice was at Thazhathangady followed by Valiyangady and Puthenangadi.Those who settled down at Puthenangady erected a wooden cross in the heart of their new found abode. There were many stories connected with the cross. According to one legend the cross was found floating in the adjacent river. Another story tells that the cross was dug out from a nearby hill. Whatever be the source of the cross its presence there in the 15th century has been established beyond doubt.

About the same time two churches Valiapalli and Cheriapalli came into existence. When Thekkumbhagom (South group) annexed Valiapalli Vadakkumbhagor (Northern Group) moved away and built Cheriapalli.

Inspite of that Puthenangady cross continued to attract worshippers from different places.With the passing of years the rotting damaged the wooden cross. In its place a granite stone was erected. The cross now seen in the altar was placed there in A D 1698.

A church with thatched roof was built around the cross in 1731. From its inception regular service were conducted.

The thatched church lasted for fourteen years. During August 1745 foundation stone was laid for a proper church building. This church was consecrated next year itself. The new church lasted for 147 years. In 1865 new additions were made.

The construction of the present church was started in 1892 and completed in six years. In 1898 the church was consecrated. The altar was originally made with the cross in the centre. As it interfered with the holy services the cross was moved and placed above the altar in the presence of Parumala Thirumeni.

West end extension, Parsonage and office section were added at a later stage

The quarrel between the two fractions of believers affected the smooth functioning of the church. During this period of strike the church was closed down on court order twice.The church also became the venue of peace league volunteers praying for permanent peace.

In 2010 the holy remains of Parumala Thirumeni were interned in the church. This in short is the history of Kurisupally. At present the Palli is the pilgrim centre for Christians and non Christians alike. Kurisupalli has not attained the status of a parish church in spite of its long history.Those who workship here have the parent parish at Cheriapalli.For the same reason special services connected with marriage,baptism and burial are not being conducted here. The lack of the parish status has not affected the independent existence of the church.

The Governing board is elected by the members of Kurisupalli.The vicar and assistant vicars of the Cheriapalli lead the activities of the Governing board and this arrangement officially sanctioned by the Catholicos of the Eas.t
Under the wings of the church a 125 year old Primary school,70 years old Girls High School and a clinic was functioning A major part of the income from the church is spent for helping the needy. In addition the income accured of the donations of the devotees are used to institute endowments for the poor and needy.

1. Kurisupally has a long history of extending up to four centuries.

2. The spiritual presence of St.Thomas perteades the premises.

3. The martyrdom of St.Thomas is rememberd by yearly convention.

4. The presence of Divine Cross placed by Parumala Thirumeni above the altar

5. Holy Quarbana on all Days

6. Meditation on all Fridays

7. Strong and Abiding faith of the people belonging to different communities.

8. Unextinguished lamp at Hikala

9. Permanently opened door

10. Ideal atmosphere for meditation and prayer

11. Incessant flow of devotees from far and wide during day and night.

12. Providing help for the needy.

13. The presence of Holy remains of the Parumala Thirumeni.

This is Puthenangadi Kurishupalli of Kottayam